During winter you just need to walk for a few minutes to get to the local bus station which will bring you to the skiing resorts Horberg/Penken – Zillertal 3000 or Ski-Arena in Zell at the Ziller. There you can enjoy 159 km of ski slopes. It does not matter if you prefer to enjoy the slopes, the sun or want to hit some jumps, the slopes, the Vans-Penken-Park, the large number of different ski lodges and the Harakiri run ensure that you will have something to love about your stay.Even friends of cross-country skiing, sledding (sledging) or walking will have a great time.

Ski Zillertal 3000
Ski-Arena Zillertal

For the kids!
The kids too will have a great time. With 4 skiing schools in Mayrhofen or 2 skiing schools in Hippach the kids will learn to ski by the teachers in no time, so they will have a lot of fun during your stay.

Skiing School Fankhaus Hippach, Horbergbahn Schwendau
Skiing School Horberg, Sport Schiestl Hippach